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Specifics of Cleaning When Changing Tenants

When changing tenants, after the apartment is vacated, a complete cleaning must be carried out. It includes many activities in which you will be canceled by professionals in the field of cleaning. Each type of cleaning has its own characteristics. Our specialists take into account the specifics of cleaning after tenants and work according to plan to make the home clean and ready to accept new tenants.

Depending on The Size of The Home, Prices May Vary

Factor that affects the price of the service is the size of the home.

All prices are subject to VAT.

Cleaning a home when changing tenants saves you time and money. The cleaning specialists save you from searching detergents and cleaning hours on various surfaces and objects.

Plan for Cleaning After Vacating The Apartment - by Rooms

The cleaning plan includes the main rooms in the home - the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom or bedrooms, the living room, the dining room, the corridor and the staircase, as well as the other rooms, if any. Customers specify which rooms they want to be cleaned. If there are rooms in the apartment that have not been used by the tenants and are in good condition, they can only be cleaned of dust.

Cleaning each room includes vacuuming or mop cleaning the floor, as well as cleaning all handles, lighting switches and sockets.

Specifics of cleaning when changing tenants
Cleaning The Kitchen

Here the main places for cleaning are the kitchen counter, the refrigerator, the oven, the cabinets. It is important to clean any stains, fingerprints and other contaminants that accumulate quickly if several tenants live in the home.

Cleaning The Bathroom

Here the main places for cleaning are the sink, the toilet bowl, the bathtub or the shower cabin. It is important to remove the accumulated limescale on the tiles and on the batteries. The cleaning also includes the fan. The mirror is also cleaned and polished.

Cleaning The Bedroom / Bedrooms

Here the main objects for cleaning are the bed, the wardrobe and the cupboards. All luminaires are also cleaned. The mirror is cleaned and polished. Paintings and other decorations are also cleaned of dust.

Cleaning The Living Room and Dining Room

In the living room, the wooden furniture is cleaned and polished, the upholstered furniture is cleaned.

All decorations, such as paintings and others, are cleaned. Remove any stains, fingerprints and other contaminants.

Cleaning The Corridor and The Staircase

In the corridor all doors and their frames are cleaned and polished. The railings of the staircase are cleaned and polished.

Carpets in the hallway and staircase are vacuumed. Hard floors are cleaned with a mop.

Which Objects Are Not Included in The Cleaning When Changing Tenants

The cleaning when changing tenants does not include the cleaning of the following objects:

  • painted walls;
  • exterior blinds - plastic, metal or wooden;
  • exterior parts to the home - balconies, garages, gardens, exterior windows.

If customers wish to have their walls, blinds or exterior parts cleaned and painted, they must specify this in the cleaning request.

Organizing room cleaning saves time and effort. Once a room is completely cleaned, we proceed with the next room on the plan. After cleaning, customers inspect the home to see if they have any comments. Once they accept the apartment as completely cleaned without any remarks, it is ready to welcome new tenants.


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